Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Poll for You...

When Eliana was 8 months old, I got tired of waiting for her to consecutively sleep through the night and we called her on it, telling her that she was old enough to sleep through the night and we weren't going to buy any stories she had to tell to the contrary in the wee hours of the morning any longer... Within a few nights, she was sleeping fabulously, and thanks to this, I got a bit of sleep myself before Mikey made his appearance months later.

It seems that our little angel likes us to have to call her bluff. So last week, after several failed attempts at potty training over the last year, we drew another line in the figurative sand for sweet Eliana. We informed her that she was too big for diapers and she couldn't have them anymore. It's been an interesting week, but on the whole, she's moving in the right direction and there is, indeed, grand hope that by the time she turns 26, she will no longer be peeing in her pants.

I have no great stories to share about our child being potty trained in a weekend... It seems that a 3 1/2 year habit doesn't break that easily in a child as determined as Eliana... but the accidents seem to be fewer and we are only putting her in pull-ups at night... (Well, other than for church the other day, but that proved unnecessary... and doesn't add to the story much.)

Which brings us to a bit of a debate between David and I that I bring to you in hopes of you solving! Now David says that I have to provide a balanced review to you without telling you which one of us is on which side, because he is convinced that you would all vote for me if I told you which side I'm on. So, here's my balanced, anonymous version of the debate:

One of us insisted on changing the name/location of our blog once Selah was born, though the other warned that this might be a little unnecessary due to the impending potty-training of Eliana. Now, the other says that Eliana, though not fully potty-trained yet, is technically no longer in diapers, making the label "Diapers for Four" a little deceptive. The first one says that a pull-up at night is the same thing as still being in diapers, so we still have four in diapers.

In presenting this dilemna to some friends, we have discussed future blog names/locations that might lead to a bit more stability and more seldom name changes... A progression of blog names might possibly include future phases in our lives like diapers4ever, diapers4gotten, diapers4grandkids, and diapers4us... Not that our identities are wrapped up in diapers or anything...

So... here's the question for all of you: Do we still have four in diapers, or not?