Saturday, October 14, 2017

Happy Birthday, Danny!

Sweet Danny, you're eleven! It fits you well.

We're so thankful for you, sweetheart. You are a dear gift to all of us.

You're cheerful and helpful and thoughtful. You're a great big brother and a good friend to your older siblings, too.

You do everything with all of your heart, and you're sensitive and considerate of others.

We're so thankful for you.

Your name means "God is my judge." As you continue to grow, I pray that you remember that. People will always try to judge you, for better or worse. Some will condone your sins and some will misjudge your good deeds as well.

But God is your judge. His decree is the only one that ultimately matters. And if your faith is in Christ's finished work on your behalf, God judges you as righteous because of the righteousness of Christ. So trust in Jesus and have complete peace and confidence that you are right before God -- you don't need to be concerned about man's judgement when you have God on your side!

We love you, Daniel Joseph! We hope you have an amazing year. Happy, happy birthday!