Monday, June 16, 2008


Have you ever noticed that on Blogger, when there is only one comment on a blog, the bottom of each post reads "1 comments." It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this isn't proper English.

Since it was bugging me I finally took the time to figure out how to fix it. A quick Google search, one small edit to our blog template and Diapers4three is now grammatically correct.

If you'd like to make this fix to your blog, you'll need to go to the "layout" tab, select "edit html" option, expand the widgets, and replace "data:top.commentLabel/" (and the surrounding <> brackets) with the word "comment."

See here for detailed instructions.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hope Springs

Some you know that my two older sisters, Charity and Roseanna were in a horrible car accident when we were teenagers. I thank God that they are alive. In the process, they were seriously burned and went through many stages in the process of recovery -- a long story for another day.

Through all of this, Charity has had a dream of starting a therapeutic ranch where burned, traumatized, and disabled children and young adults may reside year-round as they continue with their therapy and recovery. It is to be a place of physical and emotional healing before they journey into their everyday lives.

Charity has grown in dependence on Christ as she has walked through this life-changing ordeal and has seen His loving care and grace in bringing her through the healing process. She wants to share that love with others who are going through similar circumstances, and I can't tell you how excited I am to see what God does with this ministry.

Charity has worked with Solid Rock Foundation Ministries for the last several years and they are partnering with her to start Hope Springs. In fact, in the last week, they have gone into contract on property for a ranch in beautiful Ouray, Colorado (the lovely little town where that David boy finally proposed to me! =)

Charity is working on a mailer -- if you would like to get her newsletter, please email Solid Rock at srfm[insert at sign here] with your contact information and ask to be added to the Hope Springs contact list. Or, if we have your contact information, leave a comment and we'll forward your contact information to her.

Thank you for your prayers!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Learning Our Letters...Yankee Style

This one should make Grandma and Uncle Tony proud.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Public Notice:

Okay, okay... so it probably is nothing, but I can't help thinking that there is someone out there horribly offended that I didn't call them back...

Yesterday when I got home from Bible Study, there were two messages on my answering machine. The first was a message from my dad that was happily incorrect, and the second, ???. I went to hit delete at the end of my dad's message and the answering machine assumed that I wanted to delete the message that I had not yet listened to instead of the one that had just played. And no, we don't have caller id.

It was probably some automated phone call reminding me to go vote, but if not, and you called me yesterday and I haven't yet called you back... it's because I didn't get your message! Sorry!

Congrats Mr. Benoit!

From the Sacramento Bee's Capitol Alert:

Senate District 37:
Loser: Russ Bogh and David Peters

Benoit 56.4 percent
Bogh 32.4 percent
Peters 11.2 percent

Current member: Sen. Jim Battin, R-Palm Desert
District: Riverside County

In a campaign in which little separated the two Republicans, this race turned on character and personal attacks. Capitol Alert documented some of those barbs in April, and the mud never let up.

The race also drew large amounts of independent expenditure spending, particularly for a Republican primary. Eleven outside groups spent money in the race for a total of roughly $1 million. Benoit, who is currently in the Assembly, bested Bogh, who termed out in 2006, by a wide margin.