Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Word: Above All Earthly Powers

I, along with some others from our church, have registered to attend this conference in Sacramento next weekend . The Word: Above All Earthly Powers is sponsored by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and promises to be quite good. There is a group rate discount available, so if you're interested in joining me, please let me know.

Can't make it to Sacramento next weekend? You could always plan to attend the conference in Mississippi, Michigan, or Pennsylvania at a later date.

UPDATE: The Sacramento Conference is sold out. If you still want to go, I guess you'll have to look for a ticket scalper. (Sorry!)

Friday, February 23, 2007

For all you who have daughters out there...

I don't usually put up two posts in a day, but at the request of my darling children's father, I found this for all of you...

Thank you, Uncle Tony!

David's uncle emailed a few pictures this morning that he thought might be of interest...And I wondered what they would look like on the blog...(at least until David finds them!). Wasn't David the cutest 3 year old in the world?

PS: For those who are following the sleep-talking adventures of my dear husband, the quote of last night (when our 4 month old started crying at 1:36am): "The prisoner has escaped!"

Wilberforce Movie Update

The movie Amazing Grace hits theatres today (see my earlier post on this subject). If you get a chance to see the movie, let us know what you thought of it!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Junk Giveaway: GE Digital Answerer

Okay, so no one bit on the giveaway of rare artifacts from our wedding, but I'm still willing to give you all another chance to prove the old adage true: that one man's junk is truly another's treasure.

Folks, what we have here today is a once in a lifetime opportunity to win a GE Digital Answering machine (Model #29878). It's in excellent working condition and comes with the original instruction manual. Be the first to leave a comment claiming it and it's yours!

And if any of you change your mind and decide you really do want those rare artifacts, just let me know.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Photos of Daniel

Daniel Joseph
at 3 months

Photos of Michael

Michael Joseph
at 16 months

Photos of Eliana

Eliana Joy

at 29 months

Tuesday, February 6, 2007


"You brought the gas card to the postal service, right? Mmmm....Makes good company."

I woke up at 12:36 am to my oldest child crying because she had lost her covers. My husband stirred a little, muttered the line I quoted above, and promptly went back to sleep. Seriously, between adorable children that invent some new trick every other second and sleep-talking husbands, who needs TV for entertainment?

Speaking of husbands, there are some women out there (as seen in a recent NOTEWORTHY post by Dan Phillips) that believe, mistakenly, that they have the best husbands in the whole world. I beg to differ. Indeed, I can prove it. The following song was written, a few years back, I might add, by yours truly:

My husband is the best husband,
He's the best husband in the whole wide, wide world.
My husband is the best husband,
He's the best husband in the whole wide, wide world.
He's the best husband, he's the best husband,
He really, really, really, really is,
My husband is the best husband,
He's the best husband in the whole wide, wide world.

So there!!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Cute Babes!

Last weekend, my dear college roommates Meredith and Megan came for a visit. We had a lovely time, and we wanted to include all of you by posting some lovely pictures, courtesy of Megan. Here are a couple group pictures! Stay tuned for future posts of more cute pictures of the kids individually.

Is your bank robbing you?

According to, of the 39% of Americans who have an emergency savings account sufficient to cover at least three months of living expenses, only 44% are earning an interest rate of over 3% on their savings.

The goal of a savings account should be to grow your money, rather than see it eaten away by inflation. If you are getting anything less than 5% APY on your savings, your bank is robbing you.

Okay, the word "robbing" is probably a bit strong, but at least I've got your attention now. A quick survey of the interest rates on a basic savings account of $1000 at a few California banks is revealing:

Bank of America: 0.20% APY

Golden One: 0.85% APY

US Bank: 0.20% APY

Washington Mutual: 0.25% APY

Wells Fargo: 0.10% APY

If you are currently getting one of these pathetic interest rates on your savings, I suggest you open an additional savings account. Get one that is FDIC-insured and yields at least 5% APY. There are many options you can choose from. Research them by checking out Bankrate's rate list or the Bank Deals blog.

Two options you might want to consider:

Amboy Direct: 5.25% APY

HSBC: 6% APY on new deposits thru 4/30/07 (5.05% APY regularly)

Be sure to compare restrictions, minimum balances, etc. Also, look for special promotions, as some banks will give you money for opening a new account (if you jump through all the right hoops).

Once you set up a new account, there's no need to close your old savings account. You can simply move money between your existing accounts and your new account electronically. Just be sure not to make my mistake of violating those silly federal regulations that limit you to 6 transfers out of your savings account each month.