Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sammy is SIX!!!

Oh, Sammy! You're six! And you, my little love, are amazing.

This past year has seen you growing from one of the little kids into one of the BIG kids. It's been a bumpy transition at times, but you've done it with such sweetness that I could just about burst thinking about you!

I joke that you are a one-woman man, as you are happy to tell just about ANYONE how beautiful your mom is, how much you are kind of in love with her, and how much you love to give her kisses. Seriously, kid. You melt my heart! You're also very good at telling your older sisters (and poor aunts) that you ONLY love hugs, kisses, and dances with your mom. Though this year, you have also decided that it's nice to share some of your love with your baby sister. I don't mind sharing.

You're compassionate and thoughtful. I stayed home the other day to rest while your daddy took you and the rest of the kids to see Mrs. Zook's iris garden, and as you were admiring the beauty, you contemplated that you wished that I was there to smell the flowers. Such a sweet guy, you're constantly thinking of others and what they would enjoy. I see this kindness in you as you think about your little brothers and sister. I can only imagine what a gem you will be as you grow into a man!

As kind and generous as you are, you are also rough and tumble! Your favorite games include swords and lightsabers and battles of all kinds, always fighting the bad guys! You still love Star Wars but Mario, Luigi, and Sonic the Hedgehog have also won your devotion over this past year.

We love you, Sammy. We thank God for you and we delight in the person that God is making you to be! We pray that your sweet tenderness to love the Lord with all your heart continues to grow and flourish as He shows you His unfailing love and mercy.

Happy, happy birthday!!!