Monday, January 18, 2021

Happy, happy birthday, Selah!!

Sweet Selah... 13!! A teenager!!

My words feel so far short of my emotions this year, in seeing you turn 13.

We're so very proud of you.

Yes, you're still very distractible and would much rather bake or have an adventure than do schoolwork or chores ... but honestly, you're growing up with so much grace and beauty that we're a bit blown away by you.

This past year has seen many difficult adjustments -- we've watched you respond with gratitude and optimism. So many times I've told you about one more thing that I thought would disappoint you, only to be blessed by your response: "That's okay, Mom. At least we can Zoom ..." or something similar. 

When I asked you recently how you were processing other hard issues, you responded, "It's hard ... but I know that God knows what He's doing."

I have to tell you, that grace, that gratitude, that faith in the midst of trying times ... each of these attributes are gifts from God, and you're wearing those gifts with such beauty and maturity that all I can do is praise Him for His kindness and goodness, expressed through you, sweet daughter. 

We love you, Sweet Selah, and we're so very thankful that God made you and gave you to us. We pray this next year you'll know even more richly and fully the wonders of God's love and grace in your life.

Happy, happy birthday, dear one!!!