Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Happy Birthday, Selah!

Our sweet, beautiful, dancing butterfly -- you're eight years old!!

Birthdays are such a stereotypical time for us parents to stand amazed at the quick passage of time... and it's true. So quickly we've gone from your "perfect birth" (according to Daddy's memory, at least!) to today. But it's so easy to remember the fun stages in between. Our happy baby, our bouncy toddler... the staggering ages in between where you've struggled to both stand out and to fit in with your older siblings.

And on this birthday (even if we are posting this letter a day late. Ahem. Sorry, kid!), we want you to know that through it all, we love you. Very, very much. And we're thankful for the daughter that you are and the daughter you are growing to be. We've loved seeing you grow in your relationship with Eliana this past year... we delight in the affection you show the "babies" and the sweetness you have with younger children.  We're thankful for how sweetly you love your mom and dad.

And we're thankful for your continued growth in maturity... and cheerfulness. We love you and we love the bounce in your step!

May your next year bring you greater peace, greater joy, and greater trust in the goodness of God and His perfect love and care for you, dear child! Happy, happy birthday, Sweet Selah! We love you!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Recognize these kids???

Special thanks to Bernice Creager and California Special Districts for including Eliana and Mikey in their latest video!