Sunday, September 22, 2019

Happy Birthday, Wazowski!

Maybe this is just the year of the late birthday posts. Or maybe it has just taken me this long to finally admit to myself that you are actually FOURTEEN YEARS OLD. That is craziness, Kid. I'm pretty sure I never okayed that.

On one side, we know that you come by your stubbornness and smart-alekyness naturally. (And we both know which of your parents you are NOT allowed to attribute those attributes to!). Thirteen saw these skills alive and thriving.

But on the other side, this last year has also brought a sweet and responsible side of you that is nothing but admirable. We've seen you really step up in your academics and other responsibilities. It's really nice to not have to battle with you on those fronts.

Your guitar playing is now quite enjoyable to listen to.

And the fact that Squishy counts you as one of his very favorite people speaks volumes. I suspect the feelings are mutual.

Mikey, you may very well be the child my mama prayed that I'd have one day. But honestly, that just repeats that you are clearly a gift from God, even when our, uh, debates continue much longer than is humanly natural. You may drive me bonkers (I know, I know -- it's not a drive; it's a short putt. Much thanks to my dad for giving you great quotes to carry on), and I may regularly threaten to give you away, but dude... we love you. So very much.

We hope and pray that this year is remarkable for you,  that you delight in the delight of God, and that you know His irresistible love more and more each day.

Happy, happy birthday, Mikey!