Sunday, May 6, 2018

Happy Birthday, Sammy!

Sammy, my man! You're nine years old.

I was reminiscing about your birth this weekend, as I'm sure most moms do on birthdays.  It's fun to see my random thoughts that I posted as I was getting closer and closer to your birth, and then the sweetness that came with having you here, on the outside, with us.

From the beginning, you were a laid back baby. Day one, I remember waking up from a nap to see you had awakened before me. Instead of crying to be fed or comforted, you were simply watching me, with your sweet eyes studying my face as I slept.

We really enjoy your quiet, contemplative nature. You're a typically happy kid. You're ever so sweet with younger children. You don't antagonize or often annoy older children. You're a good friend, a good brother to your siblings, and a dear son to your parents. We are so thankful that God planted you right in the middle of our crazy family. You're good for us!!

This year you've especially blossomed in your joy in learning and watching and growing. We may not always realize that you're even paying attention, but you commonly surprise us with what is going on in your head.

We've watched your eyes light up as you talk about the goodness of God, and we rejoice with you in this faith.  We pray that this next year is a huge blessing to you, that you will continue to grow in wisdom and stature, and that you will always delight in the profound simplicity of God's love for you.

We love you, SammySam, and we thank God for you. Happy, happy birthday!