Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Word: Above All Earthly Powers

I, along with some others from our church, have registered to attend this conference in Sacramento next weekend . The Word: Above All Earthly Powers is sponsored by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals and promises to be quite good. There is a group rate discount available, so if you're interested in joining me, please let me know.

Can't make it to Sacramento next weekend? You could always plan to attend the conference in Mississippi, Michigan, or Pennsylvania at a later date.

UPDATE: The Sacramento Conference is sold out. If you still want to go, I guess you'll have to look for a ticket scalper. (Sorry!)


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting--I'd certainly like to read your report!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time and keep us updated. David Wells came to Capitol Hill Baptist a couple weeks ago with a lecture of the same name. Mark Dever is my pastor! I hope you enjoy him as much as I do.

David said...

nicole, regrettably your pastor won't actually be at the sacramento conference, but I have purchased and am attempting to read David Wells' latest book, albeit at a very slow pace.

David said...

You can read my account of how the conference went here.