Saturday, March 3, 2007

New Giveaway: Free Bowling

Since no one took the rare artifacts OR the fancy dancy digital answering machine, I can only conclude that you all must be holding out for the good stuff. Well, here it is -- a rare opportunity to bowl for free.

Diapers for Three is pleased to offer two certficates each redeemable for 20 minutes of complimentary open play bowling on one lane at Country Club Lanes in Sacramento.

In plain English, that means be the first to leave a comment and you get 40 minutes of free bowling.


Anonymous said...

Sarah loves to bowl! Will we still have to pay for shoe rental?

David said...

I'm pretty sure that the shoe rentals are included with the lane. Since you're the first to respond, they're yours if you want them.

Anonymous said...

Man, do I!?!?! Bowling is expensive, this is quite the deal! We'll gladly take 'em off you hands!