Friday, March 9, 2007

Church Growth 101

From time to time, I'm a substitute teacher at the Capitol Ministries staff Bible study at work. It's often a challenge to select a good topic for the study. But this week a certain article in the Sacramento Bee grabbed my attention by highlighting a local church that seems to know how to bring in the crowds.

There are many competing viewpoints these days on the best strategies to get folks to attend church or make professions of faith. Some tactics seem to work well from a numbers perspective and some even manage to get the secular media's attention from time to time. But we must ask, are these biblical methods that truly glorify God?

I decided to take to take a closer look at this issue by titling this week's study "Church Growth 101." In the study, I attempt to outline a biblical model for the expansion of Christ's church. I invite you to read my notes and, if you so desire, leave your feedback here.

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Sharon said...

I wonder if the goal of the kind of church in the article is to be relevant or to win souls by the gospel of Jesus Christ. It shouldn't be this hard to tell.