Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Coke Rewards

If you haven't been saving those "Coke Rewards" codes that come on 12 packs and bottles of Coke products, it's time to start doing so. We've been collecting these codes and turning them in for free Blockbuster rentals for quite a few months now.

There are a bunch of other "reward" options available at My Coke Rewards, but it seems to me that the free rentals give you the best value for your points.

It's pretty fun collecting the points once you get your account set up. Although I've been known to bring home empty Coke bottles I find lying around, I assure you that I haven't resorted to any dumpster diving -- at least not yet!


Anonymous said...

so is this just on coke/diet coke products? are there other coke-brand beverages I may have been tossing before collecting rewards on?

David said...

i'm pretty sure the codes are on most coke products -- you'll just have to start looking for the "coke rewards" logo on the packaging.