Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Congrats Mr. Benoit!

From the Sacramento Bee's Capitol Alert:

Senate District 37:
Loser: Russ Bogh and David Peters

Benoit 56.4 percent
Bogh 32.4 percent
Peters 11.2 percent

Current member: Sen. Jim Battin, R-Palm Desert
District: Riverside County

In a campaign in which little separated the two Republicans, this race turned on character and personal attacks. Capitol Alert documented some of those barbs in April, and the mud never let up.

The race also drew large amounts of independent expenditure spending, particularly for a Republican primary. Eleven outside groups spent money in the race for a total of roughly $1 million. Benoit, who is currently in the Assembly, bested Bogh, who termed out in 2006, by a wide margin.


Anonymous said...

A concerned aunty says....I'm concerned that you are unaware of the rules for this blog. Although, the last three posts must be very interesting to many of your must have missed the rule that there can be no more than 2 text posts between picture posts. In other words, it's time for more baby pics!

Sharon said...

I agree that there should, in general, be more regular entries on this blog.

I, however, appreciate the political update. Seems like it was a good day for conservatives, do you agree? (except for prop 98)

Anonymous said...

I do agree, I am glad for Mr. Benoit and the update. My comment meant no disrespect to the post itself.

I'm just waiting for more pics of "the diapered three" and family I'm a little biased, but they're my favorite part. :0)

Christina said...

Heehee... I agree, too! David must be slacking off... Don't you have anything cute to post, David?

Anonymous said...

There must be cuteness caught on camera considering ALLLLL the CUTE things that I hear about on a daily basis :0)

Sharon said...

way to squash the political discussion, ladies.