Friday, August 17, 2007

Get $10 Cash Back at Ebates

From now through September 15, Ebates is offering a $10 "double bonus offer." Use a link in this post to sign-up for Ebates, make at least one purchase, and you'll receive a $10 bonus in addition to the regular cash back you get by making purchases through Ebates. (We'll also get a matching $10 bonus if you use one of the links in this post.) This is a great deal! It effectively means you can buy something for $10 online and get all of your money back.

Ebates is one of several "share the wealth" web sites that have sprung up on the web recently. Here's how it works: Let's say you're going to make a purchase at Before you actually make your purchase, go to the Ebates web site, register or log in and click on the link. Once you do this, you'll get 4% cash back on any purchase you make at on that visit.

No, this isn't a scam. Ebates is simply sharing a percentage of the kick-back it receives for referring you to an online merchant's web site. Most other web sites keep it all for themselves.

Other great cash back sites include:

BondRewards: Instead of giving you cash, Bond Rewards lets you collect points redeemable for U.S. Savings Bonds. To find the true "cash value" of the bond points you receives at Bond Rewards, simply divide them by two (since a $50 series EE savings bond costs $25 to purchase.) If you're interested in signing up for BondRewards, let me know so I can send you a referral e-mail.

FatWallet: This site is a lot like Ebates but it includes some different online retailers and offers higher cash back percentages at times. In addition to providing cash back on certain retailers, offers a unique reverse auction live shopping show called "Smack Shopping." Christina and I have used Smack shopping to get great deals on quite a few products, including an iPod and a KitchenAid. (Use the referral link on this post when you sign up and I'll get credit.)

Although none of these web sites provides cash back on purchases, you should always feel free to use the link on this blog to help out your favorite diaper fund. We receive cash back on any purchases you make when you use our link, which is always readily available in the list of links on the sidebar of our blog (under "Other").


Stacy said...

so if I were to make an ebates purchase, what email address should I use for the friend who referred me?

David said...

stacy, thanks for asking. I hadn't noticed the box for entering the e-mail address of the friend who referred you. Please use my e-mail address (if you know it) or else try diaperdaddy [insert at sign] sbcglobal dot net.) thanks!!!