Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, Danny!

Our little guy turned one today, and since mommy is taking a nap, the responsibility of sending him birthday greetings via this blog has fallen upon my shoulders.

While I've certainly been at the hospital each and every time, for some reason I don't seem to remember the birth of our children with the same, er, intensity as Christina. I do remember that during her delivery of Danny I made the mistake of letting her hold my left hand -- that's the one with my wedding ring on it. Folks, let me just tell you, that is a big mistake -- one I had consciously avoided making in the prior two deliveries.

Danny is our most "normal" child yet. We didn't show up at the hospital too early or too late. He weighed just about the normal size and has acted fairly normal as far as babies are concerned... Okay, enough rambling. Here's a photo from a year ago to bring back the memories:

We love you, Danny. Happy Birthday!!!

Today's birthday celebration photos to follow...


Christina said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Danny!!

I had three requests that I made known, regardless of how petty they were, to God on many occasions regarding my desires for your birth: that you would be smaller than your big brother, that you wouldn't be as late as your big brother, and that, strangely enough, my labor with you would be a bit longer than it was with your big brother.

God was very gracious in giving me all those requests, plus a healthy, precious son whose smile still melts my heart.

We love you, Daniel Joseph. Happy Birthday!

Sharon said...

poor Dave, that must have been really painful for your fingers -- having Christina squeeze them and all. I'm sure she appreciated your sacrifice and sharing in her pain during delivery like that.


And as far as Danny being "normal?" I choose to believe that "normal" includes sleeping at least 6 hrs. straight at night with 2-3 good naps by 8 weeks or so.

But normal is highly over-rated :-)
(and I'm sure I just sinfully love my sleep.)

I love you Danny -- and all your beautiful siblings!

Here's hoping that your baby sister is more "normal" (by my definition too)!

Christina said...

Heehee...Hmmm...yeah, I don't think that David has any *physical* scars from the hand-squeezing that day. Come to think of it, David didn't even require stitches...

Unknown said...

It's still good, practical advice (at least for guys!) which is what we depend on David for.

Anonymous said...

We love you Dannyboy!