Monday, November 26, 2007

Shopping Tip #2: Price Protection

So, let's say that after carefully researching a large (or small) purchase and shopping for the best price, you finally pull the trigger and buy it somewhere -- either online or in a brick and mortar store. Have you ever checked back a few days or weeks later to discover that the item is now on sale?

It's a little frustrating to realize you paid more than necessary for something, but the good news is that most retailers will give you a price adjustment for 30 days after your purchase date when the price goes down on the item you purchased. The only catch is you have to know to ask for the price adjustment, which means you have to know that the item is on sale.

There's a new little web site called Price Protectr that now makes this challenge much, much easier. After making a purchase at a participating retailer, you can simply plug the URL of the item into Price Protectr along with your e-mail address, and Price Protectr will notify you when the price drops on the item you purchased.

Participating retailers include Amazon, Babies "R" Us, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, Circuit City, Costco, Gap, Lowes, Kohls, Office Depot, Office Max, Sears, Staples, and more.

I've already saved about $40 using Price Protectr on two purchases I made this year. Perhaps you'll save even more than me when you "price protect" your holiday purchases. Give it a try -- you might be surprised on how often you can get a few bucks back.


Anonymous said...

great tip, Dave, but how 'bout a post on the biblical basis for penny-pinching. I'm not there, but maybe I'm just spoiled.

David said...

Sharon, unless you have unlimited resources, nearly all of us "penny pinch" to some degree or another since we don't have the dollars to do everything we might like to do. The Bible doesn't speak to penny-pinching per say, but it does speak to heart issues, priorities, etc. It instructs us not to love money yet to be wise stewards of what God gives us. Our hope and prayer is that whatever money you are able to save from our stewardship suggestions will be put to better use for kingdom purposes. (See this prior post.)

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with those Biblical priorities -- I guess there's much freedom here in how we all work this out.

However, I tend to balance stewardship of my money with stewardship of my time -- deciding that running all over town for the best deals or a price adjustment might not be the best use of the hours of my days.

But, I appreciate your expertise in this area and providing us such resources on your blog to shorten the "time cost" factor in being frugal. Thanks!