Saturday, December 29, 2007

Fun Year End Trivia

Since this blog is now just over one year old and we're wrapping up 2007, it seems timely to post some random highlights and statistics about our blog. We hope you find them interesting.

Average visits per day: 13.18

Blog posts with most comments: New Baby Pic... by Christina (5/15/07, 15 comments to date), In Memory of Felicity by Christina (9/26/07, 10 comments to date), Reformation Day Movie Night by David (10/20/07, 9 comments to date)

E-mail subscribers: 9

Estimated Value: $2,258.16

Level of education required to understand our blog: Genius

Month with most posts: January 2007 (13 posts)

Month with least posts: November 2007 (2 posts)

Most comments (just a wild guess): Sharon Lowery

Odd search terms that found our blog: ebates scam (11 visits), winzy search about diapers (4 visits), russian diapers (3 visits)

Technorati authority: 4

Technorati rank: 1,644,723

Top traffic sources: Baby NRM! (285 visits), Home-schooled Nerd (147 visits), A Relentless Pursuit (119 visits)

Thank you for reading our blog this year. We appreciate you. Best wishes for a very Happy New Year to you all.


Anonymous said...

come on...Lila's gotta be up there on the "most comments" list. Although most of hers go something like: "ah, how cute!" Right?

Anonymous said...

Some interesting stats there...

Congrats on your first year!