Sunday, December 7, 2008


Each time we move, we seem to be transporting more and more stuff. This time (with considerable help from friends) we filled the largest truck available from U-Haul. So I guess next time we'll be making multiple trips? Unless, of course, we manage to find the time to get rid of some of our stuff.

Some of it is useful stuff that we're just not putting to good use. The rest is probably junk that we just haven't had a chance to get rid of. (I hate throwing things away--I'd much rather give them to someone who will find a good use for them.)

All of this to say, this blog needs some more giveways. (It's been too long since the last one!) Here are a few good resources I ran across while unpacking that I've been sitting on too long. They're free to a good home. If you want to take them to pass on to a friend as part of a Christmas gift, I have no problem with that. I just don't want them sitting on my shelf collecting more dust when someone else could be benefiting from them.

The Bible-Driven Church (John MacArthur, MP3 Audio CD)

Open Their Eyes: Doing What Only God Can Do (John Piper, DVD)

Quest for Joy: Six Biblical Truths (John Piper, Audio CD)

The Pleasures of God (John Piper, MP3 Audio CD)

One item per person, but feel free to claim as many as you want once this blog post is over a week old. Folks who live outside the Sacramento area may be asked to cover shipping costs.


Nora :) said...

I'll claim Quest for Joy.

Thank you!

Sharon said...

Russell agrees you have a lot of stuff.

Anonymous said...

David: I will claim the Bible-Driven church. Try to bring it with you tomorrow, and I'll come by and grab both it, and my DVD. We'll call it a two-fer! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

David, that was me above...sorry

David said...

All of free stuff listed in this post has been claimed & distributed. Thank you for your interest!