Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Selah Joy!

Happy, happy birthday, Selah Girl!
We love you, and we are so thankful for you. You are such a precious, delightful gift from God and we are humbled and overjoyed that He decided to bless our family with you.

We love your sweet, happy disposition, your awesome smile... your laugh, your cuddles and kisses. We love how much you love your siblings and how much you love life in general... (and we must admit that we love how well you sleep, too!) You take such joy in playing games and learning new tricks. It's truly delightful just to watch you grow.
We love you, Selah, and we look forward to many more years with you -- we pray that you will eagerly and joyfully love God with all heart and that your life will be full of His blessings!

Happy Birthday, Selah!


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Selah! Congrats on turning 1!

Stacy said...

Too too sweet

I love the picture of all the kids together!!

Happy Birthday Selah girl!

Nora :) said...

Happy birthday, precious girl!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Selah! We love you so much!

Sharon said...

how many kids can you fit on that chair?

Love them all!!!

Sharon said...

love the new blog-update side bar. Now I have more reason to go to your blog (since your posts are so infrequent.)