Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I have a new love. Seriously. Most of you know how much I hate shopping. If you don't know, I'll tell you now. I hate shopping. I would buy everything online, allowing me to just shop in quick spurts when the mood strikes (and the children are otherwise occupied), but that's not always practical. And I also don't like to get ripped off, so unless it's a larger item or a book, buying stuff online doesn't usually produce the best deal.

Until now... Of course, there's always an exception to every rule, but I have to tell ya'll about this new site, The premise of this site is warehouse prices without the bulk and without the warehouse. Basically, it's items that you would normally buy at Walmart or Target, at even better prices (of what I've noticed -- but of course, there's always exceptions, so certainly feel free to prove me wrong). I've compared prices to Amazon Grocery, and the deals at are much better.

And get this: they clip the coupons for you. I hate clipping coupons. I hate trying to organize them and remember what I have. I hate it when they expire and you have to clear them out. At, I don't have to worry. They search for manufacturer coupons and add it to my already good deals automatically. Sweet.

AND -- get ready for this, Sharon -- the shipping is always free. Okay. Now you're telling me, there's no way they can have great deals AND free shipping. There has to be a catch. Well, there is -- you have to buy at least six items at a time (though they gave me, and presumably you, a first time order of less than six items to check it out). But six items can be found pretty easily and pretty cheap. And when was the last time you went to Walmart and bought less than six items? Here's the purchase I made just a bit ago:

Old Spice Invisible Solid, Original Scent $2.87 - $1.00 =$1.87
Oral-B Bubblegum, Disney Princess $2.49 - $1.00 = $1.49
Oral-B Rocket Berry, Little Einstein's $2.49 - $1.00=$1.49
Oral-B Berry Bubble, Tigger & Pooh $2.49 - $1.00 =$1.49
Shout Wipes, Instant Stain Remover $2.59 - $0.55 = $2.04
Kotex Ultra Thin Pads, Regular, Unscented $3.31 - $1.00 = $2.31

Sub-Total $16.24
Coupons - $5.55
Tax $0.94
Shipping Always Free

Total $11.63

Six items. Free Shipping. Less than 12 bucks.

They also have a great set-up for organizing the products you commonly buy, and I love the ability to search through their best deals to see what items they have good coupons for at the time (hence the reason I stocked up on the kids' toothpaste in the purchase above!)

So try it out! And use this link to set up your account, please. We'll get a handy dandy referral bonus and YOU will get a $10 credit after you have spent at least $50 at (Don't worry - I would have blogged about it even if I didn't get a referral bonus. I like it that much. And all the embedded links lead to the same place, so feel free to click on any one!)


David said...

deodorant...pads? Is there anything we're not going to tell people about on our blog, dear?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Alice sounds amazing! I'm going to look into it -- thanks for sharing!

At first, I thought you were referring to, a 3-D storytelling software (free) that my kids like to use!

Anyway, thanks so much for sharing.


Nora :) said...

This is genius! I cannot wait to try this out for myself.

Nora :) said...
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Sharon said...

whoo hoo!

I agree with David.

some of the items you purchased seem a little personal, but thanks for sharing :-)

Where did you hear about it?

Christina said...

David, Sharon -- ::rolls eyes:: It's not like I was blogging about underwear or anything! =) (Just kidding, Nora -- I love your blog suggestions!!)

This is LIFE people!! Deodorant is a necessity of life! I hope, at least... =)

Sharon -- I heard about because the founders of the site founded another shopping site that I used to love before Microsoft bought it and ruined it. Hopefully Microsoft will keep their hands off this one!

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much for the kind comments, Christina! I, personally, love that you shared your purchases :) I'm so glad you like the site and we're looking forward to making sure you never run out of toilet paper again!

Joelle said...

I hate (off-line) shopping too, so I'll definitely have to check this out. Thanks for the heads-up!

Stacy said...

hmmm...I saw the box in your kitchen on tuesday and meant to ask you about it! sounds dreamy!