Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, Danny!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Danny!

And just so your baby pic won't be confused as one of Mikey... or even Sammy...

You are a gift from God... we love your twinkly eyes and mischievous giggle. We love your joyful, exhuberant hugs and your love for cuddles. (And yes, I love that as our third child, you were three days early and so far, our smallest baby by three ounces!) We love you, Sweety!

Happy Birthday!


David said...

When I was leaving for work this morning and saying goodbye to the kids, Danny entirely on his own initiative ran over to me and gave me a big hug and a kiss. I think I like that kid.

Happy Birthday, Danny!

Sharon said...

Yay for Danny! Kisses from Aunt Sharon :-)

(Love those newborn pics too -- it's time for another tiny one around here I think!)

Anonymous said...

Danny gives me unsolicited hugs all the time.

Glad you've decided to keep him around.

Happy Birthday Danny.

Joelle said...

Happy Birthday, Danny!

Hope you had a blast at your celebration on Monday!

Nora :) said...

Happy birthday, Danny! Love you!

Lynne said...

Happy Belated Birthday Danny. Auntie Lynne loves you too!