Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Selah Girl!!

So, you've been practicing for months, and now you've finally made it. You're two. And we couldn't love you more.

You're such a delightful part of our family, Sweet Selah. Your rambunctious personality... your twinkling eyes and mischievous grin. Your generous hugs and kisses... your sweet voice when you joyfully sing and the fact that when asked if you are Daddy's girl, you defiantly respond, "No! Mommy's girl!" (Okay. So Mommy likes that last part more than anyone else.)

And your big sister loves that fact that you are turning into a real girl -- eager to try all your clothes on at the same time. (Layers upon layers upon layers are still in, right?)

We love you and we're so glad that God gave you to us. We pray for you, that you would use all that cuteness for His glory... and that you would delight in Jesus. That He would protect you from the evil one and that you would have wisdom and love beyond your years.

Happy, happy birthday, Selah Joy!


Joelle said...

Aha, HERE's the post I was waiting for... ;)


Stacy said...

LOVE her!

Sharon said...

the cupcakes are beautiful! definitely a shade of violet, not gray :-)

Russell said...

I love it that without any specific conversation that I remember I pray for the Duran kids the same way their parents do- though I suspect less frequently. :)

Christina said...

Russell -- that is a wonderful, wonderful thing! Thank you!