Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Best Toy Ever

Kids don't really need toys since it seems that everything they find becomes a toy. And our kids certainly have plenty of toys already, so they really don't need more. But with those important caveats out of the way, there really are some pretty cool toys on the market these days.

But which toy is the best? I like toys that are low-hassle, economical, don't break easily, and don't make those loud annoying noises that drive parents crazy. Sadly, many toys fail to meet these simple tests.

We purchased a Doodle Pro some time ago and unlike many other toys, it has has stood the test of time--meaning it has survived use and abuse from all five of our kids. Best of all, our kids still play with it quite regularly.
The Doodle Pro is even environmentally friendly. Prior to our purchase, Eliana was coloring through a ream of paper each day--or so it felt!

A few more caveats: I wouldn't necessarily say this particular model of the Doodle Pro is the best. This just happens to be the one we found at Wal-Mart. The magnet pieces at the top get misplaced quite often, so no need to spend extra for those.

Please note that no one paid me to write this post, nor will I receive a free Doodle Pro. I actually paid real American dollars to buy ours. I'm now even contemplating buying a travel size version like the one I recently saw a Lowery using at church.

Do you have a favorite kids' toy that has stood the test of time? If so, what is it?


Stacy said...

I have noticed that it is at the center of many....ahem...teachable moments when all the kids get together. :)

Sharon said...

i just thought of one...the ball with the different plastic shapes that fit into the holes and you pull it apart to get the shapes back out. you know that one? it's great. if you don't lose the shapes.

Christina said...

Stacy -- very true!

Sharon -- no worries. If you lose the shapes, you're sure to find them when you're barefoot and walking across the floor in the middle of the night! =)