Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy, Happy Birthday, 'Lijah!!

Dude. Seriously. For a just turned two-year-old, you are responsible for more gray hairs than any other child I know. You constantly keep me on my toes.  And you've stolen my heart. I have a feeling that you have more stolen hearts in your arsenal than you know what to do with!

When people meet you, I tell them that you are four boys wrapped into one. I also tell them that your squeaky shoes hold a much more practical purpose than simply being cute.  I think it's only fair to warn them, before you twinkle your baby blues, scrunch up your nose, remove the pacifier from your mouth and blow them a huge kiss.

I love your cuddles. You're so sweet to climb up into my lap and lay your soft face against my chest while you contemplate mass destruction. Speaking of your love for climbing, you're the first of our kids to put a hole in your birthday cake  BEFORE I even had a chance to frost it. Ahem.

I love how well your personality complements the rest of us, in ways I could never have thought of or designed. And I love how much your big brothers and sisters love you.

We love you, Elijah Joseph.  You are God's gift to us. You and all the gray hairs you've brought us.  We pray that you will grow in wisdom and love. We pray that you will treasure the mercy offered you by the most High King.  And we pray that God would protect you and your heart as you grow in creativity and the ability to enact your crazy plans.

Happy, happy second birthday, Elijah. We love you so much!!


Sharon said...

Great pics! So happy you've made it to two, Cutie Mr. Squeeky Shoes!

Jennie said...

Trouble never looked so cute! :)

Joelle said...

Congrats and happy birthday, Elijah!