Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Wazowski!

For some reason more than most of our kids, your birthday brings back to me a flood of memories of the day of your birth. Maybe it was because my labor with you was so fast that I can actually remember most of it, instead of it blurring into eternity.  But I think it might be because there were so many exceptional aspects about that time.  You were the only one of my kids, so far, to actually be delivered by my favorite doctor.  You were the kid that waited the longest after your due date, the largest baby by far, and the shortest labor and delivery by far.  And then there were the unique tears of mourning and blessing that accompanied the announcement of your actual birthdate.

But even more than the exceptional circumstances surrounding your birth, you are becoming quite an exceptional child. We are so blessed to see so many glimpses of the profound man we see our seven-year-old son becoming.  With your mother, you are gentle, compassionate, sensitive and concerned. You look out for me in a way that makes me truly marvel at the wisdom you have in already looking to your father for an example of how to treat me, and hopefully women in general.

We love how you watch protectively over your mischievous two-year-old brother. And we love how you're concerned about what I eat and drink, wondering how it will affect the tiniest of your siblings who is yet to be born.

Most of all, we love seeing evidences of the grace of God working in you, in your contemplations and your speech and your prayers.  We love seeing you grow in love and patience and self-control as you ask God for these things.  We love seeing this because it gives us sweet hope that God is at work in your heart and your life, and that is our greatest hope for you and the greatest blessing you could ever receive.

You're an amazing son, and we thank God for you, Mikey.  We pray that this year shows you growing in peace and thankfulness and joy. We love you!!

Happy, happy birthday, Mikey!!

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Joelle said...

Happy Birthday, Mikey! Hope you loved Chik-Fil-A! =)