Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Honey!

So, there's this guy. He's actually pretty cute. And today he turns an age that can officially be rounded to another number that could be deserving of black balloons and "over-the-hill" jokes. But I'm not really here to tease him about how old he is getting (nor about how he robbed the cradle).

Today, I'm just... thankful. I'm thankful for this man. I dreamt about him long before I ever met him. And after I met him -- now more than thirteen years ago -- I still had no. clue. what kind of man he was. What kind of man he would be. I had no clue that God had designed, in His abundant love and provision and generous kindness, to give this amazing man... to me.

David isn't perfect. I'm really good at letting him know how very, very far from perfect he is. Probably too good at that.  But do you know what? He wants to be, and prays to be, like the One Who Is and Was and Ever More Will Be Perfect. And he embraces the truth that he's not perfect... and that Jesus is perfect in his place. He is thankful for the grace and mercy that God has poured out on him, and in that gratitude, he pours out grace and mercy on his imperfect wife and children.

He loves us well, fully, generously, patiently, sacrificially. He shows me a picture of strength in my weakness. He shows me a picture of grace when I'm in need. He loves an imperfect wife in a way that reminds me of a God who loves and chose -- in full knowledge of -- an imperfect church to be His bride. David is not God, but because of his faith in God and the active work of God in his life, he shows me glimpses and pictures of a very awesome God in his very character.

And he always, always encourages and points me to Jesus when I am weak and struggling. Which is often.

So today, I thank God for this man.

Thank you, God, for making David and for ordaining his path. Thank you for giving him a love for you at an early age and for growing him in wisdom and stature over his many years. Please bless him this day and this year. May he know Your love more fully and be blessed by those he loves so well. 

Happy, happy birthday, Sweetheart. I love you.

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