Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Sammy!!

Happy, happy birthday to our sweet Sammy. We've loved watching you grow over the last year and really enjoyed you being four.

Long gone are the days that we jokingly referred to you as "Swiper" and instead, we have a sweet, affectionate, talkative, friendly young fellow who LOVES anything Star Wars. When you're not talking about droid armies and Jedi fighting tricks, you can be found pontificating on the mystery of the Trinity or just cuddling with your parents and telling us frequently, "I don't just like you, I LOOOOVE you!"

You've developed such a sweet tender heart, expressed so much more articulately this past year. I've often overheard you talking to your dad about how much you love your mom or find her to be beautiful... you melt my heart, son! You also are quick to share the delights of friendship, often talking about how much you enjoy your friends.

Speaking of friends, you and Elijah have become best of buds and are often found playing together with light-sabers or an electronic screen. You look out for each other, and I can't remember the last time the two of you squabbled. We love this about you and hope that you look out for each other for a long time to come!

We love you, Sammy, and we thank God that He saw fit to add you to our family. You are a joy and a gift and we hope that your awe and amazement at the concept that God Himself would offer us the position of child and friend only grows and flourishes over time.

Happy, happy birthday, Sammy! 


Joelle said...

Happy Birthday, Sammy! Hope it was fabulous!

Sharon said...

'Lijah's smile is so sweet in the cake pick I almost didn't notice his lack of pants. Almost. :-)

Christina said...

LOL -- Almost! ;)