Friday, September 11, 2015

Ten years!!

Ten years ago today, you made your unique, full-speed-ahead entrance into our world, and you haven't slowed down since!

There are so many things that we could reminiscence about regarding that special morning, and the ten years since, but I'm pretty sure that we've already talked about all of that many times before.

Because if there is anything that you are exceptionally good at out of your many, many talents, it is talking. We all know that you practice THAT enough!

We do very much enjoy pondering life with you, and hearing how you think about and process the world around you. Grandpa was just talking tonight about some good career options for you -- politicians, ministers, and salesmen all talk a lot!

You're also very good at math and music and mischief... but I think the aspect of your personality that I've really started to notice more recently is this: You're a fixer. Like your dad. You see a problem (or, uh, a non-problem that you perceive as a problem) and your mind just won't let it go until you have a solution for the problem. This is a good thing. Our world needs more problem solvers, and with your giftings, and your dimples, you'll be a good one!

We love you, Mikey. We are so thankful that God gave us you -- a sweet promise of hope on the anniversary of a broken day. We hope and pray that as you grow in wisdom and stature, that you will put your confidence not in the gifts that have been given you, but in the Giver of those gifts. He loves you and has given the greatest Gift - His Son - as the perfect ransom for your life.

Happy, happy birthday, Mikey! Have an awesome year!

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Joelle said...

Congrats on double-digits, Mikey! Hope you have a fabulous year!