Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Happy Birthday, Wazowski!

Happy Birthday, Mikey!

It's your last pre-teen year. You're growing up before our eyes ... It seems like every time I look at you, you're a bit taller and you're quickly closing the distance before you fly past me!

You're smart and funny and you give great hugs. You're sweet and tender with the babies, rough and tumble with just about everyone else.

You're compassionate and thoughtful.

And as time keeps passing way too quickly, we see you growing in responsibility and ability. It's been fun to see you cheerfully taking on new challenges!

We're thankful for you, our eldest son! We pray that you continue to grow in self-control and patience, wisdom and discernment. We pray that you continue to grow in love and compassion. And we pray that all of this is fueled by a genuine growth in your love for God and His holiness.

We love you, Mikey, and we hope that you have a great year!

Happy, happy birthday, Wazowski!

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Joelle said...

Hope your 1-day-late birthday party was a great one!