Thursday, January 18, 2018

Happy Birthday, Selah!

A full decade has passed since the evening you were born. I know your dad has fond memories of "the perfect birth." I do, too. Of course, I usually just tell the story of how you yelled so loud that the midwife came running -- sure that I had dropped you -- though your meal had just temporarily been interrupted.

I guess being loud is in your genes.

But with your loud, there's adventure. There's love for life. There's tenderness with younger siblings. There's a love for creation and beauty and fashion. Maybe not so much of a love for order, but there's a love for baking and cooking and anything else that might distract you from math (though you are quite good at that, too).

And we love you, sweet Selah. We are so thankful that God created you -- so beautifully -- and fit you so perfectly into our family. He knew what He was doing when He made you, as He always does. And we can see glimpses of that handiwork. We're so very thankful for His love expressed to us, in gifting you to us!

And we pray that your year will be blessed and your youthful enthusiasm for life will flourish. We pray that as you grow in wisdom and stature, you'll also grow in love and grace and mercy and righteousness. And we pray, as always, that you will know ever more fully the deep, abiding love that God has for you!

Happy, happy birthday, Sweet Girl!

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Joelle said...

Happy Birthday, Selah--hope it was wonderful! =)