Sunday, October 14, 2018

Happy Birthday, Danny!

Twelve years old,  and still as sweet as can be. You're kind and thoughtful; you love people. You're a good brother to your siblings and considerate of your parents. You love to hang out with your friends, go to youth group, play drums and video games.

We're thankful for you, Danny. We're thankful for your big heart and your willingness to always go the extra mile to connect with others.

Remember that you are loved, just the way you are (to quote a tiger named after you ;)). Your name means, "God is my judge," and we hope that you always remember that you are responsible to Him, first. As long as you follow hard after God, you can have peace that you're in the right spot.

We love you, Danny, and we hope you have an amazing year!

Happy, happy birthday!

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Joelle Duran said...

Happy Birthday and congrats on turning 12! Have a wonderful last-year-before-teenagehood! =)