Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Happy Belated Birthday, Danny!

So as this year’s tradition continues, I am more than two weeks late writing your blog post!

Regardless, I don’t want the next family birthday to arrive before we get the opportunity to wish you a very happy year via this blog post.

Danny, you’re a good kid. You’re sweet and thoughtful; you’re an early riser and you’re oh so good at remembering to make coffee for your tired parents on your designated coffee making days.

You regularly check in on others to see how they are doing, and I do believe you know more of the people who go to our church (and have had more significant conversations with them) than anyone else in the family.

You also still love video games. Nothing new there!

We hope your teen years treat you well, Danny, and we hope you know how very loved you are. Most of all, we pray that your peace and confidence will be found in the perfect and all-sufficient love of God.

We love you, Danny! Happy, happy 13th birthday!

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Joelle said...

Happy (belated) entrance into teenagerhood, Danny! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and it was great to see you yesterday! =)