Sunday, February 28, 2021

Happy 365th Day, Matthew!!

Some fun facts about this day:

-It's been 365 days since you were born

-Today, you're both a day short of being 12 months old and you're finishing your 12th month

-Tomorrow will be the first day of your thirteenth month 

-We'll celebrate your first birthday three years and one day from today

-Three years from tomorrow will be one day past your first birthday

-For a math-loving family, your birthday is the most fun of all!!


Sweet Son, though there are many "fun facts" about your birthdate...but many not-so-fun facts about that day as well. The most traumatic live birth of all our kids, you really scared us that day!

Sometimes life is just hard, and we don't always see the purpose in the hard on this side of Heaven. But sometimes....many times...God gives us the sweetest gifts in the midst of the greatest pain. And though we've been through some very hard times this past year, you, our son, are such a sweet, sweet gift. To all of us. 

We don't know what these next 365 days of life will hold for you...or for any of us...but we hope and pray that as you grow, you'll always know how very much we love you, and how very thankful we are that God saw fit to let you be in our family. And even more so, we hope you know how very good God is, always. Always.

Happy, happy quarter birthday to you!

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Joelle said...

I hope you had lots of fun, Matthew! Don't let anyone tell you how many sets of 365 days you have to get through before you 'turn 16'! ;)