Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Giveaway: Designer Couch

Here's a once-in-a-lifetime offer! Our beloved couch, custom designed by my sister Charity and lovingly crafted by both my older sisters and my dear friend, Colette, ("crafted" meaning that an old couch was re-covered and beautified with some new cushions) is available to the first taker, absolutely free of charge. This aged artifact features not only seating convenience, but also a hidden queen-sized sleeper!

Disclaimer: Material is coming loose around the arms and will need some talent with a needle and thread or staple gun to restore it to its regular appearance.

Better act fast. This offer is not going to last long. Be the first to leave a comment and this couch is yours. (Delivery not included.)


Anonymous said...

so does that mean you have a new one? Can we see a picture? How good of a deal did you get?

I'm not claiming the old couch, but if you need a truck to take it to the dump you can borrow ours :-)

Anonymous said...

I just realized that my earlier post could sound like "man your couch is a piece of junk! you should take it to the dump!"

Let me clarify: I love this couch -- it's very comfortable and looks great.

However, if you do need to end up getting rid of it you can use our truck :-)