Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Six-Figure Paycheck for Mom

Here's something to think about as Mother's Day approaches: If I was to try to pay Christina for all the work she does as a full-time mom, I would need to fork out somewhere in the neighborhood of $144,687 per year!

Check out Mom's Salary Wizard on the web site.


Sharon said...

I had to subtract some time from the "housekeeper" line. I don't spend that much time on house work :-)

Also, I can't qualify as a "van driver" yet...

Christina said...

I have to echo Sharon on this one...=) I think you could get me at a discount! (But I did run the vacuum cleaner this morning before even seeing this!)

I do very much appreciate your appreciation...I'll try to work to earn that those big $$$!

Sharon said...

here's my other thought on this matter:

the value of being able to spend my days in the company of my children is unquantifiable -- to me and to them.