Saturday, June 30, 2007

Save the Smelly Carpet!

This carpet (approximately 7.5' x 5') needs a new home.

By using the adjective "smelly" in the headline of this post, I don't intend to say that the carpet totally stinks... However if one just happens to put one's face close to said carpet, one may detect a slight musty odor that might not rank in one's top 10 list of favorite smells of all time.

But does this carpet's unappealing odor require it to be banished to the dumpster? Say it ain't so!

There are all sorts of possible ways this carpet could be put to good use, including:

  • Use it to provide a little extra padding in the bed of that brand new pickup you just purchased.
  • Or put it in the garage to create a more comfortable place for your new puppy to hang out.
  • Or spray paint it red, so you'll have the appropriate gear handy next time royalty drops by.

The clock is ticking... who will save the smelly carpet?

First one to leave a comment claiming it, gets it. Free delivery for Sacramento residents only.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm not claiming it on behalf of someone else or anything, but unless it's already carpeted, I think the smelly rug would fit great in Duke's posh new doggie-mc-mansion!