Monday, October 20, 2008

Diapers for Two

Well, I was gonna wait on this post for a few days in hopes that I could report a "first accident free day" in the process, but since a dear reader asked about it in a comment to our previous post, here ya go!

We took diapers away from Mikey last week (4 days ago, to be exact!) and he's doing great! In fact, last night he stayed dry all night! Now to be fair to all of those who argue that a kid is not potty trained until he is accident-free and pull-up free, we're not there yet... Mikey is in big boy underwear most of the time, but we have been using pull-ups when he's sleeping and during times in which we don't want a mess if he does have an accident (like when he goes to church!). And though we've had a couple days in which he only had one accident, he still does have accidents on a daily basis.

But, he's also staying dry longer and initiating trips to the potty on his own. He'll typically stay dry during his nap, too!

Honestly, though, after all the drama we went through trying on and off for over a year to potty train Eliana, and then with how long it took for her to get the hang of it even when we drew the line for her, I am quite pleased with how well potty-training is going this time around. In fact, in some strange way, it's actually been *fun* to watch Mikey basically potty train himself. I am thankful, though, to have had the experience of potty-training Eliana. I'll never lack sympathy for someone struggling to get a 3 1/2 year old out of diapers because of her... though if all my kids were like Mikey in this area, I might wonder what in the world was wrong with that parent.

So, with all that said, and according to our random definitions of such, we now only have two lil' ones in diapers. BUT, WE ARE NOT CHANGING OUR BLOG NAME OR LOCATION! (I made David promise that before I took the diapers away from Mikey!) "Diapers4three" well describes how we spend our mornings and a good chunk of our lives in general... and since I don't think that I'll be able to keep up this pattern of potty-training a child every six months, we do expect to have three in diapers next spring.


kimodified said...

LOL - I have to wonder about those people who claim they're not trained until they're pull up and accident free ... I know a few children do that, but I would suspect the vast majority continue to have at least occasionally accidents ... you know the ones where they HAD gotten it down, but then they get overly confident and try to wait and start having accidents just outside the bathroom door as they rush in at the last minute? Or maybe that's just mine? Anyway, congrats on making it back down to just two for a time! :)

hey did you get my email on how to find the 'real' me? :-)

Nora :) said...

Yay Mikey! And yay all of y'all for fighting the good (potty) fight!

David Wolfe said...

The solution to the Diapers for Three question is just to keep on having a kid every year. I gotta admit, the name does have a nice ring to it...then again though, I'm also not actually raising the kids, which I'm sure would involve a slightly different perspective...just a hunch. =)

Anonymous said...

Give my congrats to Mikey! (And to you too, of course! =)

David said...

Dave, the kid-a-year strategy isn't merely so we can keep the great blog name. We also need a new tax credit every year so we can keep affording diapers for the older ones (sort of like a pyramid scheme, ya know). Christina failed to mention that we really have four in diapers if you consider that Eliana is still wearing pull-ups most nights. Thank God for those per-child tax credits! (Disclaimer: liberals who attempt to use this comment to justify elimination of pro-family tax policies should be aware that my preceding remarks are entirely facetious in nature.)