Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Turbulent Times

The speed at which the current financial crisis is unfolding makes it a bit tricky to keep up with. But I find this stuff fascinating, so I've been trying to stay up to speed as much as possible. If you're like me and find these matters of interest, I recommend the Marketplace podcast from American Public Radio.

Of all the programming on NPR, I'd have to say that Marketplace has grown to be my favorite, although I do also enjoy Car Talk from time to time. Marketplace does a great job at making business and economic news accessible, educational and even entertaining. I used to just hope that it would come on during my commute, but now that I have an iPod, I can listen whenever I feel like it.

The Economist is also a great source of information for those of you who have time to read.

On a related note, given the dramatic declines this year in the stock market, it seems to me that this may be a great time to start investing some money into a Roth IRA each month, particularly if you have a long-time horizon ahead of you. Whatever you do, don't panic and cash out your retirement portfolio. These charts should give you a clue why.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I was under the impression that one of your precious children has a birthday today.

Where's the announcement?! =)

Anonymous said...

you might be interested in

A stock traders site, but their economic analysis has been months ahead of WSJ and NYT.