Saturday, May 2, 2009

"Uh...Honey?" revisited

I've been thinking about this post all morning as someone (I won't mention names) made a couple comments (yes, both this morning! can you believe it?) that reminded me of the post and made me want to add these additional ideas for any husband out there with a wife. Please don't say these things to your wife. Especially if she is over-due with your child.

"Well, your belly IS getting really big..."

"Well, you DO know that your body is going to start wasting away quite quickly, anyway, now that you're 30 and all..."


David said...

I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations.

Joelle said...

Sure sounds like a confirmation to me!

Sharon said...

here's a related idea: "things not to say to an overdue mom at church."

Hear any good ones today?

David said...

Thanks, Sharon, for diverting attention away from the hubby. I owe you!

Christina said...

Ha! All of you!

I think in general, I'm having a hard time not flapping my hands in exasperation at the, "So... when's this little one going to make his appearance?" -- but I know the heart behind the question is good!

Sharon said...

Yes, I'm sure the heart is in the right place! So good of you to assume that :-)