Thursday, October 2, 2014

You're Ten!!

*Another belated post. Sorry, Folks!*

Dearest Eliana,

I looked at Daddy recently and said about you, "She's growing up. We're going to have to figure out very soon what drug is needed to stop that." But then I had to admit, "But actually, I really like how she's growing up... so far, her growing up has been really neat to watch!"

It's true. We really like who you are, Sweet Girl. And who you are is just getting lovelier and lovelier all the time.

Now you're ten -- a whole decade old. "More than halfway grown up," you told me. And though we know that there will be stumbles and falls along the way (this is part of being a person, you know!), we are thankful for the young lady that you are becoming. You are responsible and kind, thoughtful and generous. You light up and glow when talking about any of the number of things that delight you (art, nature, animals, your friends, your youngest siblings...). You speak confidently about your faith in God and His goodness and you have much peace in His forgiveness.

You are sweet, and you are mischievous and the twinkling in your eyes as you harass your dad brings joy to us all... even your dad.

Remember that we're on your side. We love you and we're here for you, as we figure out this whole "growing up" thing together. You'll mess up, we'll mess up... but there is much grace and much love in the process. We want the very best for you, and we are confident in the One who loves you so much more and better than we ever could... we eagerly push you toward Him as we continue to push toward Him ourselves, knowing that what He desires for us IS the VERY BEST!

So happy, happy birthday, loved daughter. We hope you have a year as beautiful as you are, and we hope at the end of it, you know even more the depth of love you have at your disposal!

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Joelle said...

Thanks so much for posting these great descriptions and photos, even if they are late! =D