Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Happy Birthday, SammySam!!

Twelve years old. What can we say?

You're quiet, good-natured, and super funny in the most random moments.

You're giving some of your older siblings who are also mathematically inclined a run for their money, but half the time, you have your head in the clouds. Pretty sure you're contemplating time travel and quantum theory while you're up there. 

You're a sweetheart.

And you're super good at remembering to wear your retainer.

And SammySam, you're a gift from God. This we know — God was not caught by surprise when He made you and placed you in this family at this time in history.  He knows what He's doing, and I can't wait to see where He takes you in life.

But for right now, we're really glad that you're here, with us, and twelve years old.

Happy happy birthday, Son. We love you. 

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