Thursday, June 30, 2022

Happy Birthday, Squishers!

So... 2021 started with most of my birthday posts for my kids being late. And then at some point, the year got away from me and... I didn't catch up.  I was chatting about this with my little sister recently, and we decided to refer to this past year as my blogging sabbatical, to make it sound planned and official. Planned or not, I think I earned it! Needless to say, all my kids got older this past year. But my sabbatical is done and instead of rehashing the inevitable, I'm going to start fresh here.


Squish! You're four years old TODAY! Finally! You've spent the last few months telling people that you would be four "tomorrow." Your persistence has paid off, Little Dude.

We still call you Squishy. Though, sometimes now, you'll tell us that your name is Jonathan and your last name is Squishy, or vice versa. I wonder how long this will last?

You're sweet and rambunctious and opinionated. You and Matthew are best friends, most of the time, and mortal enemies only occasionally. 

You really enjoy time with your non-sibling friends, too, and you're on high alert for the special someone who will allow you to refer to her as your girlfriend. 

Your prayers still regularly require interpretation, but you offer them sweetly and eagerly and fully. May you always run quickly to the One who holds all the answers.

We tell you this regularly, but it bears repeating: You are a gift from God, dear son, and God gives good gifts. We are so very thankful that He gave you to us!

Happy happy birthday, Squishy! We love you!

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Anonymous said...

Awe, what a sweet name, Squishy! Happy Birthday Jonathan!