Friday, February 23, 2007

Thank you, Uncle Tony!

David's uncle emailed a few pictures this morning that he thought might be of interest...And I wondered what they would look like on the blog...(at least until David finds them!). Wasn't David the cutest 3 year old in the world?

PS: For those who are following the sleep-talking adventures of my dear husband, the quote of last night (when our 4 month old started crying at 1:36am): "The prisoner has escaped!"


David said...

I may have started out cute, but these photos are clear proof that it's been downhill ever since.

Christina said...

I beg to differ, Mr. *oops -- I almost broke the 1st Party Pooper Rule!*

You're sister is pretty cute, too! =)

The really sad thing is that, ten years later, that sweatshirt is still in our closet! (And one of my favorites!)

David said...

Then you can thank Uncle Tony for "that sweatshirt" since he's the one who gave it to me!

Anonymous said...

I remember that sweatshirt! I wore it for the picture and then this baseball hater promptly gave it to her mother!

Anonymous said...

I still have that sweatshirt and
very proud to wear it. I am so
glad that Joelle pass it on. SD