Wednesday, January 9, 2008 is a nifty web site that Rodney recently told me about. This free service allows you to send e-mail reminders to yourself by simply calling a 1-800 number.

Jott will actually transcribe your message and e-mail it to you or other e-mail addresses that you provide in advance. If it doesn't understand what you said, it will e-mail a link to an audio file of your message. And if you need a reminder at a certain time, it can send a text message to your cell phone at that time.

I've pre-programmed the Jott 1-800 number into the speed dial of my cell phone. Now when I remember something I need to do while I'm away from my computer, I can simply hit the speed dial, say "me," and send a reminder to myself.

Pretty cool, eh?


Unknown said...

And it does so much more! You can Jott a reminder which will be sent to your phone or email, search Amazon, post to your blog, add items to your online todo list or Google Calendar, email messages to people in your contact list. It just goes on and on.

Nora :) said...

Lifehack just had a piece on this, too. I hope the link works: