Saturday, January 13, 2007

As Recently Seen on....

Just wanted to take a couple minutes to recommend a few of my favorite movies from the last few months:

Recently released on DVD Lassie: a great story with some impressive scenery!

Curious George: this is the first movie that I've ever seen my husband and daughter laugh at simultaneously. Too cute.

Over the Hedge: Watched this last night -- definitely humorous, especially if you've ever had any experiences with a homeowners association.

And last but certainly not least, The Nativity Story: This is likely the most beautiful, thought-provoking, God-honoring movie I have seen. And with such a classic storyline, too! =)

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Anonymous said...

Ah, so you did watch 'Over the Hedge.' Well, I hope you've never dealt with a homeowners association president THAT bad!

The only thing that bothered me was how subtly subversive that movie (and others) has been in undermining the family. According to that story, a 'family' is whatever you chose it to be--an eclectic assortment of people that may or may not be related. Strictly speaking, that's not a family--the 'family' in 'Over the Hedge' is a community, comprised of families and individuals. But kids growing up hearing/seeing that misconception repeatedly are going to have the more trouble understanding that marriage is NOT whatever you chose it to be. It's not just based on 'love' regardless of gender or number of persons involved. Maybe I'm jumping at shadows, but I found that conditioning a bit troubling.

I'll vacate the soapbox now! =)

Might have to check out 'Curious George' sometime. I did enjoy those books as a kid.