Sunday, January 7, 2007

One Man's Junk...

We've been doing a little spring cleaning (even though it's not quite spring yet) and thought it might be fun to do some giveaways on our blog to test the truth of the old adage "one man's junk is another man's treasure." Besides, it only seems fitting that you, our dear faithful readers, should get first dibs on our junk.

So here's how it will work. We'll post an item and the first reader to leave a comment claiming it, gets it. Free delivery to Sacramento area residents only. If you live outside the Sacramento area, you'll have to pick up the shipping cost.

Our first giveaway item is the paperback edition of the #1 New York Times Bestseller, Undaunted Courage, by historian Stephen E. Ambrose. Here's an except from the review:

A biography of Meriwether Lewis that relies heavily on the journals of both Lewis and Clark, this book is also backed up by the author's personal travels along Lewis and Clark's route to the Pacific. Ambrose is not content to simply chronicle the events of the "Corps of Discovery" as the explorers called their ventures. He often pauses to assess the military leadership of Lewis and Clark, how they negotiated with various native peoples and what they reported to Jefferson. Though the expedition failed to find Jefferson's hoped for water route to the Pacific, it fired interest among fur traders and other Americans, changing the face of the West forever.

Be the first to leave a comment claiming it and it's yours!


Lucy said...

Am I really the first?!?!?!
The book sounds great!

David said...

Yes, you are the first. Congratulations!

Lucy said...

Thanks for sending the prize over!