Friday, January 5, 2007

"Just a Suggestion"

Ever since the aforementioned "Rodney" got my husband hooked on blogs and blog readers, David has been doing his utmost to try to share his addiction with me. He has set me up with a blog reader (which I must admit I check regularly) and he regularly adds some random blog that he thinks I might enjoy...all while I adamantly argue that I don't want my blog reader to look like his -- David has many folders with many feeds in each in his blog reader. He seems to have close to 100 unread posts at any given time.

But the blog feed that appeared on my reader this morning was definitely worthy. The accompanying email from my hubby stated: "Girl Talk – This one’s definitely for the girls! C.J. Mahaney’s wife Carolyn, and her three daughters maintain this blog. An excellent and entertaining read for any woman who aspires to Biblical womanhood."

A certain post caught my attention. It's a good reminder to me as I am prone to have "single issues" that I can argue to death!

Happy Friday, dear ones!


Sharon said...

great link, Christina! I think I saw that site linked at Lindsay's blog but never went there b/c I thought it was for "girls." I'll have to plan some serious time at "girl talk!"

I totally agree that we should "major on the majors" i.e. the gospel, the scriptures, walking worthy, etc. But I also think that striving for greater unity among the body as we lovingly discuss such "disputable matters" can bring great rewards as we sharpen eachothers opinions with the Sword of Truth.

Do you agree??? :-)

Anonymous said...

I ditto that--it's a great link and a thought-provoking post. Too easy to get hung up on trifles indeed!

*long sigh* I suppose that means I have to be nice to public-school supporters. ;)

Christina said...

I definitely agree! I think a lot of our "opinions" on some of these things stem from Biblical convictions that we can use to encourage and exhort each other to greater godliness!